Diversity Initiatives

Central Arkansas Water


Embrace diversity and inclusion of ALL people and obtain their assistance in our journey as a world-class utility.


The mission of CAW’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is to:

  • Embrace diversity
  • Incorporate inclusion
  • Respect differences
  • Implement company values

By utilizing our employees’:

  • Talents
  • Experiences
  • Passions

“To embrace diversity, incorporate inclusion, respect differences, and implement company values by utilizing our employees’ talents, experiences, and passions” is the mission of Central Arkansas Water’s (CAW) Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (DII). And, a Diversity and Inclusion Team representing all of our major areas of operations and reflecting the diversity of our organization is leading the way in developing and implementing our strategy for the 21st century.

A central component of the CAW Strategic Plan development, the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is to build on the expert, cultural, and many other strengths and differences that each of us brings to the continual goal of accomplishing the utility’s mission. In turn, we take the lead in making ourselves the best that we can be as an organization and providing our diverse publics with our best.

Following well-established Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) guidelines in developing CAW’s initiative, our Diversity and Inclusion Team is using the 15 key elements of the Comprehensive Diversity Strategic Management Plan. The team has reviewed, discussed, developed, and is currently in the implementation stage of many key elements.

The elements involve recruiting from a diverse pool of applicants; diversity and inclusion training/development for all CAW employees; establishing vendors, suppliers, and a professional services roster for women and minority-owned businesses; and developing strategic alliances and partnerships while remembering and maintaining corporate social responsibilities and being committed to our customers/rate payers.

CAW's foundation and philosophy is to represent all CAW stakeholders, raise awareness and educate employees about how to appreciate the differences in all of us, and create a complete unity as we strive to take out the ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ in our daily activities and foster the ‘WE’ within our organization.